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At Bashara and Schwartz, we know there are few legal issues as sensitive and sometimes complex as those involving family law.  With over four decades of experience, we have the reputation, resources, and expertise to serve our clients’ dynamic needs, whether you’re facing a divorce or child custody dispute. As trusted advocates, we provide sophisticated and caring legal counsel and individualized solutions for every client.

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We're proud to cover a wide array of practice areas to take care of all your needs. From divorce, custody disputes, and premarital agreements to litigation or collaboration, Bashara and Schwartz is proud to offer a wide variety of personalized services.

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Our dedicated staff of legal professionals have the experience you need--regardless of the complexity of your case. Every Family. Any Issue.

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We're here for our clients every step of the way. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you face the future with confidence with Bashara and Schwartz on your team.

We know that every single case is unique. There’s no one solution for every single situation.

We relate to our clients on a personal level and do not treat them as mere numbers, but trusted partners with a common goal: to assure their interests are protected.
At Bashara and Schwartz, we provide representation for people facing both simple and complex family law disputes including divorce, child custody, visitation, child support, premarital agreements, post-marital agreements, and more. We're proud to bring our expertise to your situation with personalized solutions just for you. Since 1971, we've been helping people find resolution and face the future with confidence.

Sam Bashara represented me in a very complex and lengthy divorce case involving complex financial/equity assets and child conservatorship. Throughout multiple hearings and ultimately a jury trial, Mr. Bashara demonstrated superior knowledge of the law and court proceedings, and developed a highly successful case strategy. I was very pleased with the outcome as well as the value provided by Mr. Bashara and his team!

Paul Client

Sam represented me in a very difficult divorce. He is an excellent attorney and very attentive.

Susan Client

My former wife and I remain very amenable and still talk on occasion. I especially appreciated Julian’s understanding and “human” side to my divorce. It made it a bit less stressful and I’m grateful for his help. Having meetings arranged for us as well as the legal gauntlet being navigated by he and his staff was beneficial in that it was one less thing to have to stress over!

Jeff Client

I endorse Sam Bashara!

Moulton Dowler Family Law Attorney

Julian Schwartz listened carefully and he did not give me stock answers but explained the divorce process and pitfalls related to my particular circumstances. He grasped the delicate circumstances of my situation and handled it with strategic care. Julian has a very reserved demeanor, that is calming and helpful during contentious exchanges.

Rebecca Client

I had a very complicated case. Sam Bashara helped me through the hardest time of my life. Amazing team.

Kym Client

Julian is a conscientious, unpretentious attorney and counselor who ensures a fair result in an honest and efficient manner. He is a good guy. I recommend him.

William McNaught Business Attorney

I have known Julian for many years. He is a sharp and considerate attorney. He does his best work on collaborative cases.

Amy Geistweidt Child Custody Attorney

Sam Bashara is an outstanding lawyer.

James Monnig Divorce and Separation Attorney

I have worked with Mr. Schwartz in a couple of occasions as my opposing counsel in Collaborative Law matters. He is a great advocate for his clients, and a welcomed opponent. He is insightful and has the perfect personality for the sort of conflicts we deal in daily. I cannot recommend Mr. Schwartz enough as a Collaborative Law attorney.

Victor H. Negron, Jr. Opposing Counsel

To be a great divorce lawyer, you need a variety of skills including technical knowledge, drafting skills, negotiation skills, communication skills, and people skills. Julian Schwartz has all of these to a high degree as I have seen while working with him on many divorce cases. I recommend him without reservation.

Kim Munsinger Divorce and Separation Attorney